When transporting and delivering pharmaceuticals, the process and industry require more than your average delivery concerns. The method for pharmaceutical transportation involves a lot more than innovative technology and needs exceptional care and diligence to securely deliver the items/products from your customer’s collection and delivery points. It does require a professional and dedicated pharmaceutical courier company like Zendfast because we have specific handling experience and technology to ensure that these types of jobs are done correctly. Pharma is a massive industry in Ireland so we know a thing or two about it.

There can be many safety hazards involved with the pharmaceuticals courier services industry. Unlike any other kind of package delivery, the pharmaceutical industry involves various risks. The best way to transport items is to learn the risks involved and how to minimize them without increasing the service cost.

Safety and Theft Risks to consider with Pharmaceutical Transportation

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Pharmaceutical deliveries don’t only involve sending medicines to the patients or suppliers, but there is a lot more that is shipped like the antidotes, drugs, etc. And there is a much higher value placed on certain pharmaceuticals that may be transported. Items like controlled substances which can be hazardous and high-demand prescriptions or antidotes may be worth a significant price, which makes it a good target for the thieves during transit. Pharmaceutical cargo is very valuable, making it a big target for theft than other freight. Also, cargo theft is one of the biggest risks associated with pharmaceuticals transportation.

In order to ensure eliminating the risk of theft, professional pharmaceutical courier companies evaluate the security of pick up and drop off locations. Also, the locations of drivers are constantly tracked and they identify if and where drivers could be parking for long periods of time overnight.

Any hazardous goods need to be handled by trained professionals to ensure maximum safety and an effective delivery service especially if something goes wrong which unfortunately can happen. Minimizing these risks is why you invest in a specialist pharma courier service.

Use proper vehicles and packaging for Pharmaceutical Transportation

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Unlike the other couriered goods, pharmaceuticals require a lot of careful attention because not every medicine, controlled substance or test sample is supported by the same environment. The process poses a safety risk, for both the consumers as well as manufacturers. There are many pharmaceutical items that demand temperature controlled environments in order to preserve the quality and effectiveness of the carried goods. In some cases, if the temperature of a package isn’t controlled properly, it may go bad and be a danger to a number of stakeholders. Drivers, customers or even patients.

With this in mind, a professional pharmaceutical courier company like Zendfast will always stay compliant to the storage demands of a substance during the delivery process and ensure that the vehicles are equipped with adequate temperature controls facility when necessary.


Similar to the temperature control, timely delivery of pharmaceutical packages is also an important factor and it can be the difference between a good and bad substance delivered. It is because there are many items like clinic samples that must be delivered on time so that they are valid for testing purpose. Some medicines, antidotes or substances may be also time-sensitive for their high demand and impact on health. The delay in pharmaceutical packages may make a huge impact on the health of an individual as well as the hospitals that rely on life-saving prescriptions. Check out Zendfast same-day delivery options.

Risk Assessment in Pharmaceutical Transportation

For timely and safe delivery of the pharmaceutical couriers, a risk-based approach is essential, which helps create a practical supply chain for the consumers as well as manufacturers. Proper risk assessment should be conducted prior to each pharmaceutical shipment.  All the guidelines for a particular pharmaceutical package shipment should be considered, routes should be safe, potential theft vulnerabilities should be identified and only reliable trained professionals should be allowed to perform the tasks.

Hiring professionals with proper background check should be considered as a crucial step of the entire process.

For a pharmaceutical courier company, you can always trust upon, turn to Zendfast, a specialist in pharmaceutical transportation. Connect with us at +353 1 554 3939 for your next delivery requirements.